MPlayer keyboard

Default interface controls for the original MPlayer v1.0 media player. Mostly inherited by mpv.

Esc »q
interactive control: numeric row shift ~ ! chapter back @ chapter forward # cycle audio tracks $ % ^ & * volume increase ( ) _ + audio delay +.1s
interactive control: numeric row ` 1 contrast less 2 contrast more 3 brighter 4 darker 5 hue to red 6 hue to blue 7 saturate 8 desaturate 9 »/ 0 »* - audio delay -.1s =
interactive control: top row shift Q W E R T stay on top Y U I filename O P { half speed } double speed
interactive control: top row q stop and quit w pan/sc. decrease e pan/scan increase r subtitles up t subtitles down y forward in subtitles list u i o osd state switch p pause [ slow down 10% ] speed up 10%
interactive control: home row shift A S record screenshots D F forced subtitles G H J K L : " |
interactive control: home row a align subtitles s screenshot d frame drop mode f fullscreen g back in subtitles list h j previous subtitle k l ; ' \
interactive control: bottom row shift Z X C V B N M < previous file > next file ?
interactive control: bottom row z subtitle delay -.1s x subtitle delay +.1s c cycle fs mode v subtitle visibility b next subtitle n restore video mode m mute sound , . step forward / volume decrease

Print information or change display.
Alter subtitle selection and settings.
Video output adjustment.
Sound (track) configuration.
Playback control.
Other MPlayer features.
Commands with a dot read further input afterwards.
Some features depend on setup and/or parameters.