Mutt keyboard

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index: numeric row ctrl ^@ ^^ ^_
index: numeric row shift save mark invoke shell @ display sender # split up thread $ save mailbox % toggle readonly ^ & thread tagged * last entry ( ) _ collapse all +
index: numeric row ` 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 - collapse thread = first entry
search patterns (/~): numeric row ctrl ^@ ^^ ^_
search patterns (/~): numeric row shift ~ ! @ # $ unreferenced % ^ & * in thread ) _ +
search patterns (/~): numeric row ` 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 - = duplicate
compose (m): numeric row ctrl ^@ ^^ ^_
compose (m): numeric row shift ~ invoke shell @ # $ % ^ & * last entry ( ) _ +
compose (m): numeric row ` 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 - = first entry
message flags (w): numeric row ctrl ^@ ^^ ^_
message flags (w): numeric row shift ~ ! flagged @ # $ % ^ & * tagged ( ) _ +
message flags (w): numeric row ` 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 - =
index: top row ctrl ^q ^w ^e edit content type ^r mark thread read ^ untag pattern ^y ^u restore thread unread msg ▼ ^o ^p thread ▲ ^]
index: top row shift query addresses clear flag E R recall postponed tag pattern edit label restore pattern I O sort reverse P to parent { }
index: top row q quit set flag e edit r reply to sender t tag y list incoming mailboxes u undo delete i fetch IMAP o sort p print [ half page ▲ ] half page ▼
search patterns (/~): top row ctrl ^q ^w ^e ^r ^t ^y ^u ^o ^p ^]
search patterns (/~): top row shift Q replies W E expired R read T tagged Y U unread I O old P by you { }
search patterns (/~): top row q w sender receive date range to address x-label u subscribed list msg id o p to you [ ]
compose (m): top row ctrl ^q ^w ^e edit encoding ^r ^t ctype attachment ^y ^u ^o rename attachment ^p ^]
compose (m): top row shift Q W E edit all R rename attachment T enter tags Y U encode attachment I O P postpone { }
compose (m): top row q exit w copy to folder e edit body r edit reply-to t edit to y send u unlink toggle i run ispell o autocrypt toggle p PGP menu [ half page ▲ ] half page ▼
message flags (w): top row ctrl ^q ^w ^e ^r ^t ^y ^u ^o ^p ^]
message flags (w): top row shift Q W E R »wr T Y U I O old P { }
message flags (w): top row q w e r replied t y u i o »wO p [ ]
index: home row ctrl ^a ^s ^d delete thread ^f forget passphrase ^g ^j ^k extract pub keys ^l redraw ^\
index: home row shift A S delete pattern F toggle important G fetch POP H screen top J any ▼ K any ▲ L reply to list : enter command " | pipe to shell
index: home row a create alias s move d delete f forward g reply to all h toggle headers j message ▼ k message ▲ limit pattern apply to tagged marked message \
search patterns (/~): home row ctrl ^a ^s ^d ^f ^g ^j ^k ^l ^\
search patterns (/~): home row shift A all S superseded D deleted F flagged G encrypted spam attribute J K receivd by : " |
search patterns (/~): home row a s subject date sent range from g signed header j k pgp key l mailing list ; ' \
compose (m): home row ctrl ^a ^s ^d disposition toggle ^f forget passphrase ^g ^j ^k ^l redraw ^\
compose (m): home row shift A attach message D delete attachment F filter attachment G get attachment H screen top J K L screen bottom : enter command " | pipe attachment
compose (m): home row a attach file s edit subject d describe attachment f edit fcc g h display message j entry ▼ k entry ▲ l print attachment apply to tagged ' \
message flags (w): home row ctrl ^a ^s ^d ^f ^g ^j ^k ^l ^\
message flags (w): home row shift A S D deleted F G H J K L : " |
message flags (w): home row a s d »wD f g h j k l ; ' \
index: bottom row ctrl ^z ^x ^c ^v ^b urlview ^n thread ▼ select
index: bottom row shift Z page ▲ X C copy message V version B N toggle new M screen middle < line ▲ > line ▼ ? help
index: bottom row z page ▼ x abort c open folder v attachments b bounce n search ▼ m compose mail , . list new mail search ▼
search patterns (/~): bottom row ctrl ^z ^x ^c ^v ^b ^n
search patterns (/~): bottom row shift Z attachments to or cc address V verified whole msg N new mime type parent match child match ?
search patterns (/~): bottom row size range reference cc address v collapsed thread msg body score range number range , . /
compose (m): bottom row ctrl ^z ^x ^c ^v ^b urlview ^n view attachment
compose (m): bottom row shift Z page ▲ X C copy file V preview mailcap filter B N M edit mix < line ▲ > line ▼ ? help
compose (m): bottom row z page ▼ x c edit cc v preview alt filter b edit bcc n new attachment m edit attachment , . search ▼
message flags (w): bottom row ctrl ^z ^x ^c ^v ^b ^n
message flags (w): bottom row shift Z X C V B N new M < > ?
message flags (w): bottom row z x c v b n »wN m , . /

Temporarily display something without changing state.
Scroll list and/or select a different line.
Go to a specific message entry.
Modify message flags or contents.
Any other action which does not alter an existing message.
Prepare and/or send a (new) message.
Exit the opened folder.
Permanently alter/toggle current view.
Commands with a dot need an argument afterwards.