Screen keyboard

Esc copy
index: numeric row ctrl ^@ »n ^^ ^_
index: numeric row shift ~ ! @ # $ % ^ & * displays ( ) _ silence +
index: numeric row ` 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 - select - = remove buffer
index: top row ctrl ^q »q ^w »w ^e ^r »r ^t »t ^y ^u focus ^o other ^p »p »esc ^] paste .
index: top row shift Q only W width E R T Y U I login on O login off P { history } history
index: top row q xon w windows e r wrap t time y u i properties o p previous [ »^[ ] »^]
index: home row ctrl ^a last ^s »s ^d »d ^f »f ^g vbell »^p ^j ^k ^l »l ^\
index: home row shift A⁚ title S D detach logout F fit G H log J K »k L login : colon " windowlist -b | split vert
index: home row a literal a s xoff d detach f flow g h hardcopy j k kill l redraw ; select \
index: bottom row ctrl ^z »z ^x »x ^c »c ^v·· digraph ^b »b ^n »n »m »^h
index: bottom row shift Z reset X remove C clear V B reopen break N number M monitor < readbuf > writebuf ?
index: bottom row z suspend x lock screen c new v version b send break n next m last msg , license . dumptermcap /

Temporarily hover information in bottom task bar.
Change screen display options.
Switch between existing windows.
Toggle configuration flags to change behaviour of the current window.
Operate on or in current window with lasting results.
Related to the paste buffer or an exchange file
Insert or read character contents on a screen.
Manipulate global and inter-screen commands.
Commands with a dot need a char argument afterwards.