Vimperator keyboard

normal mode (default)

Esc normal mode
Esc normal mode
Esc normal mode
Esc normal mode
Esc normal mode
Esc normal mode
Esc normal mode
normal mode: numeric row ctrl ^@ ^^ last tab ^_
normal mode: numeric row shift ~ open homedir ! play macro # rev. find word $ right of page % ^ left of page & * find word ( ) _ + enlarge text
normal mode: numeric row ` »' 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 »^ - shrink text =
extended hints (;): numeric row ctrl ;^@ ;^^ ;^_
extended hints (;): numeric row shift ;~ ;! ;@ ;# copy anchor ;$ ;% ;^ ;& ;* ;( ;) ;_ ;+
extended hints (;): numeric row ;` ;1 ;2 ;3 ;4 ;5 ;6 ;7 ;8 ;9 ;0 ;- ;=
quit commands (Z): numeric row ctrl Z^@ Z^^ Z^_
quit commands (Z): numeric row shift Z~ Z! Z@ Z# Z$ Z% Z^ Z& Z* Z( Z) Z_ Z+
quit commands (Z): numeric row Z` Z1 Z2 Z3 Z4 Z5 Z6 Z7 Z8 Z9 Z0 Z- Z=
([): numeric row ctrl [^@ [^^ [^_
([): numeric row shift [~ [! [@ [# [$ [% [^ [& [* [( [) [_ [+
([): numeric row [` [1 [2 [3 [4 [5 [6 [7 [8 [9 [0 [- [=
(]): numeric row ctrl ]^@ ]^^ ]^_
(]): numeric row shift ]~ ]! ]@ ]# ]$ ]% ]^ ]& ]* ]( ]) ]_ ]+
(]): numeric row ]` ]1 ]2 ]3 ]4 ]5 ]6 ]7 ]8 ]9 ]0 ]- ]=
mode c: numeric row ctrl ^@ ^^ ^_
mode c: numeric row shift ~ ! @ # rev. find word $ end of line % ^ start of line & * find word ( ) _ +
mode c: numeric row ` 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 »^ - =
extended commands (g): numeric row ctrl g^@ g^^ g^_
extended commands (g): numeric row shift g~ g! g@ first app tab g# g$ last tab g% g^ »g0 g& g* g( g) g_ g+
extended commands (g): numeric row g` g1 g2 g3 g4 g5 g6 g7 g8 g9 g0 first tab g- g=
zoom commands (z): numeric row ctrl z^@ z^^ z^_
zoom commands (z): numeric row shift z~ z! z@ z# z$ z% z^ z& z* z( z) z_ z+
zoom commands (z): numeric row z` z1 z2 z3 z4 z5 z6 z7 z8 z9 z0 z- z=
normal mode: top row ctrl ^q ^w »d ^e »j ^r ^t ^y »k ^u scroll up »L ^o »H ^p »gT ^]
normal mode: top row shift Q W copy to new window E R reload uncached T tab open current Y copy selection U I⁚ :ignorekeys add cmd O alter url P p in tab { }
normal mode: top row record macro w open in window e r reload page t tab open new y copy url u restore closed tab ignore key o open p open pasted url focus forward focus back
extended hints (;): top row ctrl ;^q ;^w ;^e ;^r ;^t ;^y ;^u ;^o ;^p ;^]
extended hints (;): top row shift ;Q ;W⁚ window prompt ;E ;R ;T⁚ tab prompt ;Y copy text ;U ;I image in tab ;O⁚ open prompt ;P ;{ ;}
extended hints (;): top row ;q ;w open in window ;e ;r ;t open in tab ;y copy url ;u ;i image ;o open ;p ;[ ;]
quit commands (Z): top row ctrl Z^q Z^w Z^e Z^r Z^t Z^y Z^u Z^o Z^p Z^]
quit commands (Z): top row shift ZQ quit no save ZW ZE ZR ZT ZY ZU ZI ZO ZP Z{ Z}
quit commands (Z): top row Zq Zw Ze Zr Zt Zy Zu Zi Zo Zp Z[ Z]
([): top row ctrl [^q [^w [^e [^r [^t [^y [^u [^o [^p [^]
([): top row shift [Q [W [E [R [T [Y [U [I [O [P [{ [}
([): top row [q [w [e [r [t [y [u [i [o [p [[ open prev []
(]): top row ctrl ]^q ]^w ]^e ]^r ]^t ]^y ]^u ]^o ]^p ]^]
(]): top row shift ]Q ]W ]E ]R ]T ]Y ]U ]I ]O ]P ]{ ]}
(]): top row ]q ]w ]e ]r ]t ]y ]u ]i ]o ]p ][ ]] open next
mode c: top row ctrl ^q ^w ^e ^r ^t ^y ^u external editor ^o ^p ^]
mode c: top row shift Q W »w E R T Y U I O P { }
mode c: top row q w next word e »w r t y u i o p [ ]
extended commands (g): top row ctrl g^q g^w g^e g^r g^t g^y g^u g^o g^p g^]
extended commands (g): top row shift gQ gW gE gR gT tab back gY gU site root gI gO gP »P inactive g{ g}
extended commands (g): top row gq gw ge gr reader view gt switch tab gy gu parent directory gi last input field go· open url mark gp g[ g]
zoom commands (z): top row ctrl z^q z^w z^e z^r z^t z^y z^u z^o z^p z^]
zoom commands (z): top row shift zQ zW zE zR zoom out more zT zY zU zI zoom in zO zoom out zP z{ z}
zoom commands (z): top row zq zw ze zr tinier text zt zy zu zi »+ zo »- zp z[ z]
normal mode: home row ctrl ^a increment url nr ^s ^d scroll down ^f page down ^g file name ^j ^k ^l ^\
normal mode: home row shift A toggle bookmarked S D close tab leftwards F⁚ f in tab G last/% line H page back J K L page forward :⁚ command line mode " | toggle source
normal mode: home row a⁚ add bookmark s d close tab f⁚ quickhint mode extra cmds hjkl;·⁚ extended hints mode ' jump to mark \
extended hints (;): home row ctrl ;^a ;^s ;^d ;^f ;^g ;^j ;^k ;^l ;^\
extended hints (;): home row shift ;A⁚ save media as ;S save media object ;D ;F multiple bg tabs ;G ;H ;J ;K ;L ;: ;" ;|
extended hints (;): home row ;a⁚ save as ;s save ;d ;f frame focus ;g ;h ;j ;k ;l ;; focus ;' ;\
quit commands (Z): home row ctrl Z^a Z^s Z^d Z^f Z^g Z^j Z^k Z^l Z^\
quit commands (Z): home row shift ZA ZS ZD ZF ZG ZH ZJ ZK ZL Z: Z" Z|
quit commands (Z): home row Za Zs Zd Zf Zg Zh Zj Zk Zl Z; Z' Z\
([): home row ctrl [^a [^s [^d [^f [^g [^j [^k [^l [^\
([): home row shift [A [S [D [F [G [H [J [K [L [: [" [|
([): home row [a [s [d [f previous frameset [g [h [j [k [l [; [' [\
(]): home row ctrl ]^a ]^s ]^d ]^f ]^g ]^j ]^k ]^l ]^\
(]): home row shift ]A ]S ]D ]F ]G ]H ]J ]K ]L ]: ]" ]|
(]): home row ]a ]s ]d ]f next frameset ]g ]h ]j ]k ]l ]; ]' ]\
mode c: home row ctrl ^a ^s ^d ^f page down ^g ^j ^k ^l ^\
mode c: home row shift A S D F G last line H J K L :⁚ command line mode " |
mode c: home row a s d f g for first line hjkl; ' \
extended commands (g): home row ctrl g^a g^s g^d g^f g^g file details g^j g^k g^l g^\
extended commands (g): home row shift gA gS gD gF source external gG gH tab with homepage gJ gK gL g: g" g|
extended commands (g): home row ga gs gd gf view source gg first line gh open homepage gj gk gl g; g' g\
zoom commands (z): home row ctrl z^a z^s z^d z^f z^g z^j z^k z^l z^\
zoom commands (z): home row shift zA zS zD zF zG zH zJ zK zL z: z" z|
zoom commands (z): home row za zs zd zf zg zh zj zk zl z; z' z\
normal mode: bottom row ctrl ^z ^x decrement url nr ^c stop loading ^ pass single ^b page up ^n next tab
normal mode: bottom row shift quit X C V B list buffers N find previous mark url < > ?⁚ find rev.
normal mode: bottom row zoom x c caret mode v b⁚ to buffer n find next mark line , . /⁚ find
extended hints (;): bottom row ctrl ;^z ;^x ;^c ;^v ;^b ;^n
extended hints (;): bottom row shift ;Z ;X ;C ;V edit source ;B ;N ;M ;< ;> ;? element details
extended hints (;): bottom row ;z ;x title or alt ;c context menu ;v view source ;b open bg tab ;n ;m ;, ;. ;/
quit commands (Z): bottom row ctrl Z^z Z^x Z^c Z^v Z^b Z^n
quit commands (Z): bottom row shift ZZ quit save session ZX ZC ZV ZB ZN ZM Z< Z> Z?
quit commands (Z): bottom row Zz Zx Zc Zv Zb Zn Zm Z, Z. Z/
([): bottom row ctrl [^z [^x [^c [^v [^b [^n
([): bottom row shift [Z [X [C [V [B [N [M [< [> [?
([): bottom row [z [x [c [v [b [n [m [, [. [/
(]): bottom row ctrl ]^z ]^x ]^c ]^v ]^b ]^n
(]): bottom row shift ]Z ]X ]C ]V ]B ]N ]M ]< ]> ]?
(]): bottom row ]z ]x ]c ]v ]b ]n ]m ], ]. ]/
mode c: bottom row ctrl ^z ^x ^c ^v ^b page up ^n
mode c: bottom row shift Z X C V B⁚ »b N find previous M < > ?⁚ find rev.
mode c: bottom row z x c v select b prev word n find next m , . /⁚ find
extended commands (g): bottom row ctrl g^z g^x g^c g^v g^b g^n
extended commands (g): bottom row shift gZ gX gC gV gB reverse gb gN gM g< g> g?
extended commands (g): bottom row gz gx gc gv gb repeat buffer cmd gn· tabopen url mark gm g, g. g/
zoom commands (z): bottom row ctrl z^z z^x z^c z^v z^b z^n
zoom commands (z): bottom row shift zZ zoom reset zX zC zV zB zN zM zoom more z< z> z?
zoom commands (z): bottom row zz reset text size zx zc zv zb zn zm enlarge more z, z. z/

Displays something without any permanent consequences.
Move cursor, scroll window, focus buffer element.
Tab or window navigation/selection.
Page interaction.
Browse to a location in the current tab.
tab open
Browse somewhere in a new tab.
Other browser action.
Enter a different mode.
key cmd
Additional key commands (click for overview).
Commands with a dot need a char argument afterwards.
Commands with two dots require variable arguments afterwards.