Source of tools/mkcountries-geonames

#!/usr/bin/env perl
use 5.014;
use warnings;

my %cc;  # map of country code to info array
%cc = (
	# transitional reservations
	an => ["transitionally reserved: Netherlands Antilles", "c-na Xr", "Netherlands Antilles", 'bq cw sx'], # 2060
	bu => ["transitionally reserved: Burma", "c-as Xr", "Burma", 'mm'], # 2039
	cs => ["transitionally reserved: Serbia and Montenegro", "c-eu Xr", "Serbia and Montenegro", 'rs me'], # 2056
	nt => ["transitionally reserved: Neutral Zone", "c-as Xr", "N. Zone", 'iq sa'], # 2043
	tp => ["transitionally reserved: East Timor", "c-oc Xr", "(East Timor)", 'tl'], # 2052
	yu => ["transitionally reserved: Yugoslavia", "c-eu Xr", "Yugoslavia", 'cs ba hr mk si'], # 2053
	zr => ["transitionally reserved: Zaire", "c-af Xr", "Zaire", 'cd'], # 2047

	# exceptional reservations
	ac => ["exceptionally reserved: Ascension Island", "c-oc Xr", "Ascension Island", 'sh'],
	cp => ["exceptionally reserved: Clipperton Island", "c-na Xr", "Clipperton Island"],
	dg => ["exceptionally reserved: Diego Garcia", "c-as Xr", "Diego Garcia", 'io'],
	ea => ["exceptionally reserved: Ceuta and Melilla", "c-af Xr", "Ceuta and Melilla"],
	eu => ["exceptionally reserved: European Union", "c-eu Xr", "European Union"],
	ez => ["exceptionally reserved: European OTC derivatives", "c-eu Xr", "Eurozone"],
	fx => ["exceptionally reserved: Metropolitan France", "c-eu Xr", "Metropolitan France", 'fr'],
	ic => ["exceptionally reserved: Canary Islands", "c-af Xr", "Canary Islands"],
	su => ["exceptionally reserved: former USSR", "c-eu Xr", "USSR"],
	ta => ["exceptionally reserved: Tristan da Cunha", "c-oc Xr", "Tristan da Cunha", 'sh'],
	uk => ["exceptionally reserved: United Kingdom", "c-eu Xr", "(United Kingdom)", 'gb'],
	un => ["exceptionally reserved: United Nations", "Xi Xr", "United Nations"],

	# indeterminate reservations
	dy => ["indeterminately reserved: Benin", "c-af Xr", "(Benin)", 'bj'],
	ew => ["indeterminately reserved: Estonia", "c-eu Xr", "(Estonia)", 'ee'],
	fl => ["indeterminately reserved: Liechtenstein", "c-eu Xr", "(Liechtenstein)", 'li'],
	ja => ["indeterminately reserved: Jamaica", "c-na Xr", "(Jamaica)", 'jm'],
	lf => ["indeterminately reserved: Libya Fezzan", "c-af Xr", "Fezzan", 'ly'],
	pi => ["indeterminately reserved: Philippines", "c-as Xr", "(Philippines)", 'ph'],
	ra => ["indeterminately reserved: Argentina", "c-sa Xr", "(Argentina)", 'ar'],
	rb => ["indeterminately reserved: Botswana, Bolivia", "c-sa Xr", "(Bots...)", 'bw bo'],
	rc => ["indeterminately reserved: Republic of China", "c-as Xr", "(RoC)", 'tw'],
	rh => ["indeterminately reserved: Haiti", "c-na Xr", "(Haiti)", 'ht'],
	ri => ["indeterminately reserved: Indonesia", "c-as Xr", "(Indonesia)", 'id'],
	rl => ["indeterminately reserved: Lebanon", "c-as Xr", "(Lebanon)", 'lb'],
	rm => ["indeterminately reserved: Madagascar", "c-af Xr", "(Madagascar)", 'mg'],
	rn => ["indeterminately reserved: Niger", "c-af Xr", "(Niger)", 'ne'],
	rp => ["indeterminately reserved: Philippines", "c-as Xr", "(Philippines)", 'ph'],
	sf => ["indeterminately reserved: Finland", "c-eu Xr", "(Finland)", 'fi'],
	wg => ["indeterminately reserved: Grenada", "c-na Xr", "(Grenada)", 'gd'],
	wl => ["indeterminately reserved: Saint Lucia", "c-na Xr", "(Saint Luc.)", 'lc'],
	wv => ["indeterminately reserved: Saint Vincent", "c-na Xr", "(Saint Vin.)", 'vc'],
	yv => ["indeterminately reserved: Venezuela", "c-sa Xr", "(Venezuela)", 've'],

	# WIPO, agreed not to use
	ap => ["not used: African Regional Industrial Property Organization", "Xi", "ARIPO"], # c-af
	bx => ["not used: Benelux Office for Intellectual Property", "Xi", "BOIP"], # c-eu
	ef => ["not used: European Community Patent Convention", "Xi", "CPC"], # c-eu
	em => ["not used: European Trademark Office", "Xi", "OHIM"], # c-eu
	ep => ["not used: European Patent Organization", "Xi", "EPOrg"], # c-eu
	ev => ["not used: Eurasian Patent Organization", "Xi", "EAPO"], # c-as
	gc => ["not used: Gulf Patent Office", "Xi", "GCCPO"], # c-as
	ib => ["not used: International Bureau of WIPO", "Xi", "IB"],
	oa => ["not used: African Intellectual Property Organization", "Xi", "OAPI"], # c-af
	wo => ["not used: World Intellectual Property Organization", "Xi", "WIPO"],

	# common user-assigned
	xz => ["UN/LOCODE semantics: international waters", "Co Xi", "international"],
	qo => ["Unicode semantics: Outlying Oceania", "c-oc Co Xi", "Oceania"],
	qu => ["Unicode semantics: European Union deprecated reserve", "c-eu Co Xi", "EU", 'eu'],
	zz => ["Unicode semantics: unknown or invalid territory", "Co Xi","unknown"],

while (<>) {
	/^#/ and next;  # skip comments
	my ($iso, $name, $cont, $tld) = (split /\t/)[0, 4, 8, 9];
	my @info = ($name, "c-\L$cont");
	$info[3] = $tld if $tld =~ s/\A\.// and $tld ne lc $iso;
	$cc{ lc $iso } //= \@info;

$cc{io}->[2] = "Chagos Islands";
$cc{um}->[2] = "U.S. isl.";

for (values %cc) {
	my $abbr = do {
		local $_ = $_->[2] // $_->[0];
		s/ republic\b//gi;
		s/ islands?\b//gi;
		s/\bthe //g;
		s/ and / & /g and s/(?<=.)[a-z ]+//g;
		s/ of / /g;
		s/\bsa?int /st /gi;
		s/Un\Kited /. /gi;
		s/South(?:ern)? /S-/g;
		s/North(?:ern)? /N-/g;
		s/West(?:ern)? /W-/g;
		s/East(?:ern)? /E-/g;
		s/New /n./g;
		s/(\w)(\w+)-/$1-/g;  # strip most chars preceding dash
		s/(\S{4}[b-df-hj-np-tv-xz])((?<!Austr)(?!land)\w{2,})/$1./g;  # abbreviate (at consonant)
	$_->[2] = $abbr if $abbr ne $_->[0];  # short name if different

say "# automatically generated by $0";
use Data::Dump 'dd';
$Data::Dump::INDENT = '';
dd \%cc;


=head1 NAME

mkcountries-geonames - Create Perl include of country info from GeoNames data


	curl |
	tools/mkcountryinfo >